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New Air Con & AC Repair Service

Air Conditioning Perth Installed RelaxLooking for Air Conditioning Service and Repair in the Perth area … or even for new install? Air Conditioning Perth do it right! Call (08) 7444 4868 Now!

We at Air Conditioning Perth strive to give each of our client a high quality service at an affordable price. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer the best service when it comes to air conditions as well as the safest heating options for your home. You will not be disappointed. Save time and money and give us a call today!

For all your aircon installation such as reverse cycle air conditioner ie split system air conditioner and ducted air conditioning quotes in Perth, call (08) 7444 4868 Now! Continue reading “New Air Con & AC Repair Service”

AC Maintenance in Perth

Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so does your air conditioner and heating system. By having a well maintained AC you will have less service problems, lower energy bills, as well as better and more efficient air flow. If your AC is still under warranty, then you are required to have your AC maintained, in order to keep the warranty valid.

Regular Maintenance Saves Money!
Perth has brutal summers; the air conditioning will be blasting. It can also get a little chilly in the winter months. Air Conditioning Perth offer seasonal tune-ups; this keeps your system in prime condition all year round.

Small AC Issues Can Turn Into Big AC Issues
This is why it’s so important to keep up with maintenance. We ensure your full understanding of your home AC system. This way you’ll know if something is not working properly. We will do a complete evaluation of your home and figure out why your AC is not working properly. We offer you advice and may options to help you make the best choice. We offer prices and perks for each repair, replacement, or upgrade before starting anything. Continue reading “AC Maintenance in Perth”

Air Conditioner Replacement Services in Perth

Deciding to replace an entire air conditioning is a big deal. We at Air Conditioning Perth will help you make the best choice regarding your replacement unit. We will ensure that you are getting the best service based on you and your family’s needs as well as your budget!

AC Replacement Starts With Your Needs
Are experiencing problems with your current air conditioning system? Is the AC unit cooling some rooms more than others? Have you noticed a spike in your elective bill? We take all of these things into effect when evaluating your home and deciding on the best unit to install

A Perth HVAV Pros advisor will come out and measure your home’s system performance. From there they will make recommendations based on their findings. Your advisor will then explain their recommendations, including costs and the changes being made to your system. You will be informed of which Technician will be installing your new system. Your advisor is there to answer any questions you may have, so ask away! Continue reading “Air Conditioner Replacement Services in Perth”

APAC Air Conditioners Replacement or Retrofit with Hydrocarbon System

We Are Not APAC Telephone Support Line!

Since the demised of APAC air conditioners manufacturing in Perth back in 2009, many owners of APAC air conditioning units or better know as Carrier APAC were left high and dry without much factory technical support and by now spare parts are also hard to come by and became rather expensive, not to mention its long delivery lead time, if you can even get it at all!

So, what are among the biggest problems facing building owners with APAC air conditioning system, in time of fault or upgrade?

  • Duct connections
  • Spare parts
  • Power supply

If you have an APAC air conditioner that needed to be replaced but want to save money and reduce down time or lack the space or building structural integrity to locate the new replacement, we may have two perfect solutions for you;

Option 1: APAC Air Conditioners Replacement Units
Option 2: Hydrocarbon Retrofit

Continue reading “APAC Air Conditioners Replacement or Retrofit with Hydrocarbon System”