APAC Air Conditioners Replacement or Retrofit with Hydrocarbon System

We Are Not APAC Telephone Support Line!

Since the demised of APAC air conditioners manufacturing in Perth back in 2009, many owners of APAC air conditioning units or better know as Carrier APAC were left high and dry without much factory technical support and by now spare parts are also hard to come by and became rather expensive, not to mention its long delivery lead time, if you can even get it at all!

So, what are among the biggest problems facing building owners with APAC air conditioning system, in time of fault or upgrade?

  • Duct connections
  • Spare parts
  • Power supply

If you have an APAC air conditioner that needed to be replaced but want to save money and reduce down time or lack the space or building structural integrity to locate the new replacement, we may have two perfect solutions for you;

Option 1: APAC Air Conditioners Replacement Units
Option 2: Hydrocarbon Retrofit

Option 1: APAC Air Conditioners Replacement Units

We have specific units that are custom designed to suit your APAC air conditioners in terms of duct return and supply connections, even the piping and wiring connections will be exactly matching your existing APAC units. And because our units comply with the latest MEPS, you can rest assured that your power consumption will be less than your legacy APAC units, and it weigh less that your existing APAC air conditioners.

Because of the size, footprint and weight, our replacement units is merely a 1 to 1 swap over. The advantage with the 1 to 1 swap over; you will save time and money especially for roof top installations, as there is no expensive modifications to the access platforms required.

Option 2: Hydrocarbon Retrofit

Retrofitting your APAC air conditioners with our hydrocarbon system is a cheaper option for most installations. Considering most home refrigerators are running with hydrocarbon, you can rest assured that our hydrocarbon retrofit is safe. In addition, our hydrocarbon air con retro is more efficient to run, thus saving you money in the log term. And not to mention time and money.

Look no more if you are looking to replace your APAC air conditioning, or retrofit your existing unit without hassle; call Gary on (08) 7444 4877 on all APAC Sundowner air conditioner replacement units or retrofit.

Please DO NOT call us if you are a service or maintenance agent looking for APAC service manuals, technical support, fault codes, spare parts, wiring diagrams, models information, troubleshooting, heat pump capacity, but we will welcome your call if you are looking to purchase a comparable commercial / industrial package air conditioners to replace your existing APAC air conditioner or retrofit your existing unit with our hydrocarbon system.

General advise: You are better off just replacing your APAC split units with other brands.