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We centred on delivering top quality air conditioning supply and installations to customers across the Perth metro region. Our affordable cooling and heating systems are suited for many different customers, such as restaurants, building developers, schools, hotels, the industrial and mining industry and retails. If you are searching for a high calibre cooling and air conditioning solution, get in touch with us.

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When you are thinking to purchase a cooling or heating unit for your office or home. We can help you to choose the best option for your budget and needs with an upfront pricing, our proposal will include model, brand, and whether a split or ducted unit or even evaporative, is appropriate for you.

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Whether you are searching for a new air conditioning system or merely for service and maintenance, or repairs, you should not look beyond us. We are among Perth's most dependable and trustworthy air conditioning experts, so you should be confident that we'll look after you.

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We hire only qualified and experienced installers and electricians, so you are always in safe hands. We provide a customized and professional service, where our prioritise our customer's needs first. We always aim to deliver the best work possible to satisfy even the sternest of critics. Suffice to say; our reputation depends on this!

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We supply, install service and maintain all sorts of air conditioning systems, including retrofitting old with new.

  • Air conditioning with split systems
  • Ducted, reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Established and new properties
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential properties
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Air conditioners with split systems are an excellent option for people who desire the convenience of cool air in a certain room or one part of the property. We provide a broad range of split system solutions to fulfil any needs. They are ideal for small houses, offices or apartments. Energy-efficient and quiet, our top-quality units are both powerful and compact.

Split system air conditioners are handy air conditioner models that don’t need ductwork or windows. Instead, these are split units into two parts — one of which stays outside the property, and the other keeps the indoor area cool.

Split systems are popular for smaller properties, or for customers who only require air conditioning in a single room or part of the property. We offer numerous split system solutions, the majority of which are perfect for apartments, small offices and homes. Each of these units is compact and simple to install, but sufficiently powerful to deliver the comfort of a standard air conditioning unit.

Split systems offer advantages that surpass their affordability and ease of installation. Because these units do not use ductwork, they provide greater energy efficiency than other air conditioners. Frequently, air conditioning units lose energy efficiency because of heat transfer within the duct systems. In contrast, split system air conditioners can cool spaces more cheaply and directly than lots of other air-con systems.

Furthermore, because split systems use the noisiest parts of the cooling process in the outside unit (for example, the fan and the compressor), they function far more quietly than window air conditioners and ducted air conditioning systems.

Ducted air conditioning systems, on the other hand offer total climate control for the whole house. They are ideal for both heating and cooling homes. With a proven track record, we are the Perth air conditioning experts.

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